In an effort to support the nation’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Abu Dhabi Telemedicine Centre, the UAE's leading telemedicine provider, is supporting the Emirate’s community to combat the spread of the coronavirus by introducing a number of initiatives that reduce unnecessary trips to clinics and hospitals.

Abu Dhabi Telemedicine Centre has expanded its telecare operations and increased staff members to handle the growing volume of calls from patients. This service limits patients’ potential exposure to viruses and reduces pressure on hospitals across Abu Dhabi. At peak moments in March, patient calls increased by 2,000% at the center due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The centre, which is based in Al Maryah Island, has 10 contact center agents taking initial calls and case details, which can be triaged to its 7 full-time physicians who can order E-prescriptions and sick leave certificates to the patients. Nurses are also available to support on follow-up consultations. This service is available to all patients 24/7.

Abu Dhabi Telemedicine Centre launched a mobile app, TeleMed, which enables patients to book appointments for video or telephonic consultations. Patients can share files (photos, previous medication details, medical reports) which registers directly to the patients’ records at the center, and can consult for clarifications or second opinions. This assists the Center’s physicians at the other end of the line to more appropriately diagnose and recommend appropriate ¬treatment to the patients. Patients can also use the app to access details of their prescriptions, sick leaves and care plans; as well as finding nearby clinics and pharmacies.