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Building a Community

Discover how GAC has invested to provide a better quality of educational, civil and health services for local communities in Guinea.

بناء المجتمع


In 2015, GAC invested around US$ 800,000 in the development of a number of sustainability projects in local communities including three school construction projects:

  • A new school with six classrooms in Silidara where 240 students can follow the primary curriculum
  • A 24 classroom, elementary school reconstruction in Sangaredi that can accommodate up to 1,200 students
  • The renovation of a college in Sangaredi where a further 2,000 students can be enrolled

GAC’s program also included the refurbishment and extension of a fully equipped health center on the GAC concession in Sangaredi to replace the older public structure that has been built in the 1960s.

Additional support for the community has included the refurbishment of a community center and the Boké hospital water supply, the installation of six solar public lighting poles and the drilling of 23 community wells in the Boké prefecture.

Mamady Youla, Corporate Affairs General Manager at GAC, said, “From the outset, GAC has made considerable and varied social and economic investments for the local communities in Boké. We are fully committed to ensuring the success and positive development of the broader society in which we operate.

Mamady Youla
Corporate Affairs General Manager at GAC

In our social interventions, we engage with a variety of stakeholders and associate the direct beneficiaries in the planning and evaluation process to ensure they take full ownership of their projects.”

GAC has also been working to develop the capabilities of the local population, graduating 94 young people from a six-month training program in vocational activities and establishing 40 Adult Literacy Centers which have seen 1,600 participants from 175 villages and hamlets.

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