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March 8 marks International Women’s Day – a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. As a global investment company, we encourage our female employees to reach to their full potential. 

Bettina Schumi talks about advanced oil recovery methods at OMV

OMV’s 3D Seismic Visualization Center 

Technology is advancing at great speed and is providing new ways for people to collaborate in truly interactive ways. The new 3D Seismic Visualization Center at OMV, head office in Vienna, is providing their Geoscientists and Reservoir Engineers with a unique and state of the art way of looking at the sub-surface of our planet. 

Seismic Imaging measures reflected acoustic energy waves, and are used mostly for oil and gas exploration. The technology bounces sound waves off underground rock structures to reveal possible pocket formations.  Seismologists use ultrasensitive devices called geophones to record the sound waves as they echo within the earth.

3D Seismic Visualization Technology uses 3D software to process graphical content and information to create three-dimensional models. The 3D Visualization Room at OMV is equipped with a first of its kind projector. 

This multi-functional collaboration space is supporting faster decision making at OMV and is ultimately helping to identify attractive opportunities in exploration by utilizing high-quality analysis based on subsurface data.

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Core samples: An insight into depths of thousands of meters

A core sample can provide insights into the earth’s history as well as revealing important information about oil and gas reservoirs. Anja Kobstädt is a sedimentologist at the OMV lab in Gänserndorf, and explains how to draw answers from a rock.

On the table in front of her lies a meter-long piece of dark grey rock. “This is a fresh core sample explains the young sedimentologist, as she takes a closer look at the sample through a magnifying glass. “It was just recently delivered.”

“Fresh” is relative in this context: Here, in a storage building at OMV Austria dozens of meters of several million-year-old core samples lie on metal tables. “They come from our wells around the world - Tunisia, Austria, Romania and many other countries  - they are important documentation material.” These samples tell us about millions of years of geological history and thus the formation of oil and gas reservoirs. 

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The core samples do not only provide important information in the search for hydrocarbons, they are also a key puzzle piece that helps us better understand the earth’s history.

Anja Kobstädt

UAE Energy Minister

Sedimentologist at the OMV core sample archive.