Agribusiness Sector

Mubadala is investing in agribusiness through new partnerships that will drive growth and enable sustainable, responsible and efficient production methods.

Food and agribusiness comprise a $5 trillion sector accounting for 10 percent of all consumer spending and 40 percent of worldwide employment*.

Our strategy focuses on the production component of the value chain, especially on animal protein and high-value crops. We are seeking opportunities that support the creation of greater scale, where Mubadala can deploy capital in businesses that are responsibly addressing long-term supply constraints and where innovative technology and methods can have transformational impact.

*Source: The World Bank


Aquaculture is the first priority agribusiness sub-sector for Mubadala.

Technology and innovation within aquaculture is making cultivation more efficient and sustainable in coastal waters and open ocean. Innovation is rebuilding populations of threatened and endangered species.


In partnership with AMERRA Capital Management, Mubadala agreed to acquire majority stakes in two European fish farming companies – Nireus SA and Selonda SA – through Andromeda Group*. The combined entities are among the world’s largest producers of farmed fish.

Andromeda Group is the fastest growing group of companies in the Mediterranean aquaculture industry. With a unique operating structure of six efficiently sized clusters strategically located in Greece and Spain, it is a leading player in more than 25 key markets.

Andromeda Group is vertically integrated with operations in fry, farming, packaging and value-added products. Sea bream, sea bass and corvina are the main species that the company produces. 

Achieving dynamic growth since its foundation until today, with the support of AMERRA Capital Management LLC, Andromeda is developing into a dynamic group of companies aimed at establishing itself as a leader in the international aquaculture industry. For more information about Andromeda Group, please visit

* The closing of the transaction is subject to merger control approvals and other customary conditions.


Gross power capacity owned by Mubadala utilities companies.

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