Strategy in Action

Mubadala is advancing Abu Dhabi's position in sectors and markets around the world while playing a key role in the establishment of industries and infrastructure that support sustainable economic growth at home. We take a long-term view as an investor, striving to create lasting financial and social returns while fulfilling our mandate to support Abu Dhabi's growth and diversification.

Global Integration

Mubadala’s role in delivering Abu Dhabi’s vision goes beyond creating positive commercial and social outcomes at home. Across the portfolio there is focus on cementing Abu Dhabi’s position in high-growth global industries. We also deploy capital and establish partnerships in markets that align with our sectors and hold long-term growth potential.

As we build globally-integrated industries, we apply an approach to business in the UAE and abroad based on integrity and close relationships with the partners and stakeholders connected to our investments, ensuring we make a positive contribution to the communities where we operate.

Key jobs

GLOBALFOUNDRIES is among the largest non-government employers in Singapore and the state of Saxony, Germany

1 GW

Masdar is delivering nearly 1 GW of clean power globally


YahClick is the leading Ka-band satellite broadband service provider across Africa

13 million

In September 2014, Guinea Alumina Corporation (GAC) achieved 13 million man-hours without a Lost Time Injury

Mubadala Petroleum in Thailand

Mubadala Petroleum
Thailand Map


Mubadala Petroleum has had a presence in Thailand since 2004, and is due to bring its third operated oil field into production in mid-2015


Reached by an integrated education and community development program delivered by Thai NGO, The Education for Development Foundation, in partnership with Mubadala Petroleum


Mubadala Petroleum actively supports a variety of environmental programs ranging from coastal mangrove reforestation and coral reef restoration to juvenile turtle release programs


3,000 high-tech jobs

In one of the largest public/private construction projects in the Northeastern United States, GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ Fab 8 employs 3,000 semiconductor wafer manufacturing technicians

Global 450 Consortium (G450C)

GLOBALFOUNDRIES is part of a consortium to collaboratively develop innovative 450mm equipment, working alongside Intel, TSMC, IBM and Samsung and in partnership with New York State and the State University of New York’s College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering Science and Engineering

Guinea Alumina Corporation in Guinea

US $5 billion

The GAC development plan will deliver billions in foreign investment which will help Guinea capitalize on its vast, untapped resources of bauxite

14,000 direct and indirect jobs

The construction of a bauxite export mine, an alumina refinery and a container port are key components of the GAC plan, which will also create thousands of jobs and provide major health and educational infrastructure

Connectivity beyond borders

34,000+ subscribers

YahClick, Yahsat’s satellite broadband service now covering 14 countries out of its 28 country footprint, has over 34,000 subscribers in African countries, including SMEs, healthcare and education providers, NGOs, select remote sites, and connectivity-deprived populations in disaster zones

Delivering energy security

Masdar Special Projects has successfully delivered 14 clean energy projects in six countries, including 600 stand-alone Solar Home Systems in Afghanistan, a 6 MW wind farm in the Republic of Seychelles and the 15 MW Sheikh Zayed Solar Power Plant in Mauritania, powering 10,000 homes in Nouakchott

600 Solar Home Systemspowering homes in Afghanistan

6MWThe Port Victoria Wind Farm in the Republic of Seychelles is helping the country meet its renewable energy targets

10,000Homes in Nouakchott, Mauritania, powered by the Sheikh Zayed Solar Power Plant

14 clean energy initiatives delivered by Masdar Special Projects

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