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Mubadala's business is structured around four global business platforms that together encompass our interests across 11 sectors and over 20 countries. These platforms allow us to scale and manage our portfolio for growth while maintaining the highest international standards of governance and risk management.

Technology & Industry

"The Technology and Industry platform is creating global and regional champions in the semiconductor, metals, mining and utilities sectors."

Ahmed Yahia Al Idrissi

Chief Executive Officer, Technology & Industry

The Technology and Industry platform at Mubadala focuses on the creation of global and regional champions in the semiconductor, metals, mining and utilities sectors, positioning Abu Dhabi at the center of fast-growing, globally relevant markets.

In metals and mining, Mubadala partnered with the Investment Corporation of Dubai to create Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA), formed by the largest merger in the UAE’s history between two national champions, Emirates Aluminium and Dubai Aluminium.

EGA is the world’s fifth largest aluminium producer and a leading contributor to the economic diversification of the UAE. The company’s activities are central to Abu Dhabi’s Vision 2030 with a GDP contribution of approximately US $6 billion. EGA bridges the UAE to over 75 countries with more than 300 industrial customers, making EGA the largest national exporter to countries such as the US. Mubadala is also active in the broader mining sector with interests in bauxite (through EGA), iron ore, gold and base metals.

In semiconductors, GLOBALFOUNDRIES entered into an agreement during 2014 to acquire IBM’s microelectronics business and assets in the US, which will create one of the world’s leading semiconductor foundries. The company offers a full portfolio of technologies up to the most advanced 14 nanometer (nm) serving over 160 technology businesses. Mubadala’s semiconductor portfolio also includes a 19 percent stake in AMD.

In utilities, Mubadala manages a portfolio of conventional power and district cooling assets in the UAE and the broader MENA region, with strong growth prospects given increased urbanization and population growth in the region.

Metals & Mining

Metals & Mining

Through international and regional partnerships to develop a globally-diversified set of metals and mining businesses, Mubadala is positioning the UAE in fastgrowing resource markets while supporting continued growth in domestic downstream manufacturing and the creation of high-skilled jobs.

The establishment of Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA), one of the world’s largest producers of primary aluminium, an industrial champion for the UAE and an anchor tenant in a flourishing downstream cluster, ushers in the next phase of growth for our metals and mining portfolio.

This growth will be underpinned by world-class assets both at home and internationally, from upstream integration into alumina refining in the UAE to developing a bauxite and alumina project in Guinea and producing calcined petroleum coke in China. Mubadala is also exploring a number of opportunities in other commodities

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Sector Trends

  • Aluminium is replacing steel as the world’s “go-to” metal, with demand projected to grow from 75 million tons today to 115 million tons by 2025 driven by growth across several sectors, namely transport, construction and consumables.
  • The UAE’s aluminium industry, led by Emirates Global Aluminium, has the potential to be a 30,000+ job market for the country in future
  • The total annual production of EGA’s primary aluminium assets is 2.4 million tons, establishing the UAE as the fourth largest aluminium-producing country. This figure is equivalent to 50 percent of the total primary aluminium produced in the GCC region.

2014 Highlights

Industrial champion for the UAE

Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA) was formally incorporated as a stand-alone business, making the company one of the world’s largest aluminium producers.

Financial and operational performance

Strong financial performance was delivered by EGA during the year with its UAE-made metal commanding high premiums from buyers. Emirates Aluminium (EMAL) celebrated full production on its phase II expansion three months ahead of schedule and with significant savings against budget. EGA also captured significant overall cost savings, with the majority of these from smelter operations and merger-related initiatives.

Developing a global aluminium supply chain

Guinea Alumina Corporation (GAC) has launched the development of a bauxite mine and associated infrastructure. EGA’s UAE refinery project obtained Board approval for phase I of its development program.



As we rapidly move towards a future where every electronic device will contain a microchip, semiconductors are becoming central to most aspects of everyday life.

Mubadala has placed Abu Dhabi at the forefront of the global semiconductor industry and established a core pillar of the emirate’s economic diversification through the growth of GLOBALFOUNDRIES.

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Sector Trends

  • Worth over US $330 billion per annum, the semiconductor industry is at the center of the development of advanced consumer and industrial technologies. Gartner research - December 2013
  • GLOBALFOUNDRIES has over 160 global customers including 14 of the top 20 chip companies, and operates eight manufacturing centers in Germany, Singapore and the United States.

2014 Highlights


In January 2014, Sanjay Jha was appointed as CEO of GLOBALFOUNDRIES.

IBM Microelectronics

GLOBALFOUNDRIES agreed to acquire IBM's global commercial semiconductor technology business in 2014. The transaction includes intellectual property, world-class technologists and technologies related to IBM Microelectronics. GLOBALFOUNDRIES will also become IBM's exclusive supplier of 14 nanometer (nm) and 10nm server chips.

Strategic Samsung collaboration

GLOBALFOUNDRIES commenced a partnership with Samsung to deliver global capacity for 14nm FinFET process technology, with true design compatibility at multiple sources across the globe.

AMD leadership

Dr. Lisa Su was appointed CEO of AMD in October 2014, having previously held a number of senior leadership positions in the company.



High-quality and environmentally-efficient utility facilities are fundamental to sustainable economic and urban development. Demand for advanced solutions in the provision of power, water and district cooling services continues to grow locally and regionally.

Mubadala is meeting requirements for sustainable, energy-efficient and innovative district cooling, power generation and water desalination by establishing and managing a portfolio of utilities businesses in the UAE and the broader region that deliver sustainable economic returns while providing essential services to millions of end-users.

Our portfolio of utilities businesses includes power plants in Algeria and Oman as well as district cooling facilities across the region through our holding in Tabreed, one of the world’s largest district cooling companies based in Abu Dhabi.

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Sector Trends

  • According to World Energy Council projections, global annual electricity demand in 2050 will be between 47.9 TWh and 53.6 TWh (compared to 22 TWh in 2011), calling for an investment of between US $19 and US $25 trillion.
  • Mubadala utilities companies own 2.6 GW of gross power capacity.
  • District cooling services provided by Tabreed result in a yearly reduction in energy consumption of 1.27 billion kWh in the GCC, enough energy to power up to 42,000 homes in the UAE every year.

2014 Highlights

Serving national institutions

The UAE Armed Forces renewed a AED 6 billion master services agreement with Tabreed to meet its cooling requirements.

Expansion in Qatar

Tabreed commenced construction of a fourth district cooling plant in Qatar with a capacity of 40,000 refrigeration tons (RT).

Preferred supplier for Abu Dhabi’s International Financial Center

Tabreed and Mubadala Infrastructure Partners acquired a 30-year concession to be the exclusive provider of district cooling to the developments on Al Maryah Island with a capacity of 43,000 RT.

Supporting UAE development

Meraas Leisure and Entertainment signed a long-term concession agreement with Tabreed for the provision of 45,600 tons of cooling to the new Dubai Parks and Resorts development in Jebel Ali.

Connecting the Kingdom

We connected over 31,000 tons of cooling to several of Saudi Arabia’s high-profile projects including the Jabal Omar project in the Holy City of Mecca.

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