Investment Approach

Mubadala’s role as an agent of economic diversification for Abu Dhabi gives us the opportunity to have real impact on the emirate by making significant capital investments over a longer time horizon. This has shaped our holistic view of value creation.

We look for opportunities to strengthen Abu Dhabi’s position in sectors, markets and industry value chains where the emirate’s competitive advantage is strongest. At the same time, we build infrastructure that underpins industrial and social development in the emirate.

We also deploy capital globally to advance our long-term strategy in specific markets, diversify risk and generate financial returns that can be channeled back to Abu Dhabi.

As our business grows through our holistic approach, so does our contribution to societal development, including the creation of new career paths for Abu Dhabi’s current and future workforce.

Investment Approach
A global investor with long-term focus, strengthening Abu Dhabi’sposition across diverse sectors… education partnership governance innovation agile asset Education Partnership Governance Innovation Agile Investment Active Asset Management delivering financial and socialreturns to the emirate, its partnersand its people. career social global economic sector Career Paths Social Infrastructure Global Integration New Economic Sectors Private Sector & Downstream Opportunities


Preparing the local workforce for new
industries in a diversified economy is a
complex challenge. Through initiatives ranging
from in-school programming to specialized
training programs, we are helping the
next generation gain the capabilities and
mindset required to take full advantage of
future opportunities.


From our first project, Mubadala has partnered with
world-class organizations on joint ventures and
investment platforms. Partnerships often give us
traction during the development phase of
initiatives and embed important knowledge
transfer into business models.


Diversifying an economy by definition requires a
strong culture of innovation. Mubadala companies
such as Masdar, Strata and GLOBALFOUNDRIES
are at the cutting edge of technology that is setting
the agenda for their industries and creating an
environment where Emiratis can be at the forefront
of innovation.


Mubadala is committed to safeguarding
a culture of integrity and responsible business
practices across all of its activities using a
multi-layered approach to corporate governance.
Integrity is the foundation of our business
and we are committed to acting in an
ethical and compliant manner.

Agile investment

The strong, long-term support of our shareholder
allows Mubadala to consider capital-intensive
investments that are critical to delivering on our

Active asset management

Mubadala plays an active asset management role
in its portfolio companies, working closely with asset
leadership to help them achieve business objectives
and ensure the highest risk and financial
management standards are achieved.

Career paths

A decade ago, career opportunities such as
Aerostructure Technician and Semiconductor Process Engineer
did not exist for Emiratis. Today, UAE nationals are
working in highly-skilled roles across the industries
that are driving development for Abu Dhabi.

Social infrastructure

As master developer for a number of major
infrastructure projects in the emirate, Mubadala
has delivered financial returns as well as social
infrastructure for Abu Dhabi. This includes university
campuses, healthcare facilities and mixed-use urban
districts as well as supporting infrastructure
including district cooling plants, data centers and

Global integration

More than half of the 34,000 people who work for
Mubadala Group companies are based outside the UAE.
With assets on five continents, we are positioning Abu Dhabi
in growth markets, providing access to intellectual property,
supply chain synergies and new opportunities.

New economic sectors

From aerospace to metals, the new industrial clusters
that Mubadala has established bring together the
expertise needed to compete on a global scale, provide
new career paths, empower the private sector
and drive our diversification mandate for the emirate.

Private sector and
downstream opportunities

Abu Dhabi’s new industrial clusters hold enormous potential
for Abu Dhabi. They act as catalysts for private sector
growth in related industries and supply chain service
providers, as well as trigger wider third party investment.

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