Mubadala Services Ventures

Advancing the Emirate’s economic diversification

Mubadala Services Ventures

Mubadala Services Ventures builds and manages businesses in service-based industries to support the development of a robust, globally competitive services sector for Abu Dhabi.

It focuses on three key industry sectors – financial services, logistics and transportation, and defense technical services – that directly enable Abu Dhabi’s emerging growth industries by providing value-added solutions for economies of scale, speed-to-market, and overall operational efficiency.

In the financial services sector, Mubadala Services Ventures supports the development of Abu Dhabi as a leading financial center by incubating new regional champions and advancing existing assets to maturity.

Through its investment and development activities in the defense technical services sector, Mubadala Services Ventures is contributing to the establishment of Abu Dhabi as a regional center of excellence for defense technical services, introducing new capabilities to the marketplace in partnership with leading global defense companies and supporting the technical readiness of the UAE Armed Forces.

In the logistics and transportation sector, Mubadala Services Ventures is seeking to build a stable cash flow generating portfolio which strongly reinforces Abu Dhabi's position of importance in global commodity supply chains.

Across sectors, Mubadala Services Ventures leverages expertise gained through its global partnerships to promote skill development and knowledge transfer opportunities, thereby cultivating the local talent essential to a thriving and sustainable services sector in the Emirate.