Mubadala Petroleum

Mubadala Petroleum

Mubadala Petroleum is exploring, appraising, developing, and producing oil and gas resources in the Middle East, Africa and Central and Southeast Asia.

Mubadala Petroleum

A leading international exploration and production business, Mubadala Petroleum is building on the UAE’s hydrocarbons expertise to develop, manage and operate projects distinguished by the highest technical and safety standards

Mubadala Petroleum is building on the UAE’s traditional strengths to develop a world-class exploration and production business, based on proven commercial expertise, effective partnerships, and a commitment to the highest operational standards. The company pursues exploration and production in 11 countries, generating strong financial returns and contributing to the diversity and security of supply in meeting the UAE’s growing energy demand.

Mubadala Petroleum was established as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mubadala in 2012, incorporating and building on the success of Mubadala's Oil & Gas business unit.

It manages assets and operations at all stages of the upstream value chain, with primary focus on exploration and production in the eastern hemisphere. In 2014, Mubadala Petroleum produced 398,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day across a global portfolio.

Mubadala Petroleum participates in a number of major projects including the world-class, multinational Dolphin Energy initiative, which is central to meeting the energy needs of the UAE; enhanced oil recovery projects in Oman and Bahrain; and production operations in Thailand and Indonesia. Most recently, it announced in June 2015 that oil production had started at its operated Nong Yao project in the southern Gulf of Thailand. 

Lasting partnerships, built with host governments, national and international oil and gas companies, and the communities in which it operates, are central to Mubadala Petroleum’s success. The company continues to grow its capabilities, leveraging its significant operational and technical expertise to advance its portfolio alongside trusted partners.

Other Oil & Gas Assets

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    Dolphin Energy, a multinational gas development and transportation initiative, is among the largest energy investments ever undertaken in the Gulf region.

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  • Jasmine


    One of four offshore oil concessions operated by Mubadala Petroleum in the Gulf of Thailand


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  • Manora Oil Field

    Mubadala Petroleum operates the Manora oil field in the northern Gulf of Thailand.

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  • Mukhaizna


    Mukhaizna, located in Block 53 onshore Oman, is operated by Occidental.

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  • Nong Yao Oil Field

    Nong Yao is one of Mubadala Petroleum’s four offshore operations in Thailand.

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  • Ruby Gas Field

    Ruby Gas Field

    Mubadala Petroleum operates the Ruby field in Indonesia, producing gas for local requirements.

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  • Tatweer Petroleum

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    Tatweer Petroleum is engaged in a leading-edge effort to revitalize production at the Bahrain field.

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