Minas de Aguas Teñidas (MATSA)

Minas de Aguas Teñidas (MATSA)

Mubadala owns a fifty percent stake in Trafigura’s flagship mining operation, Minas de Aguas Teñidas S.A. (MATSA) in Southern Spain.

Minas de Aguas Teñidas (MATSA)


In October 2015, Mubadala acquired a fifty percent stake in Trafigura’s flagship mining operation Minas de Aguas Teñidas (MATSA) as part of a joint venture to invest in the base metals mining sector. MATSA owns the Aguas Teñidas, Sotiel and Magdalena mines in southern Spain which produce copper, zinc and lead concentrates, with silver by-products. MATSA uses  modern, mechanized underground mining methods to source ore from its three operations, which then feeds a centralized mineral processing plant at Aguas Teñidas.

Located north of the Iberian Pyrite Belt, MATSA is one of the only two mining operations in the Huelva Province and one of the three copper mines currently operating in Spain. The Magdalena mine is regarded as the first significant metals find in Spain for decades and has commenced production in late 2015.

A two-year investment and expansion plan by Trafigura for MATSA has recently been completed and includes an expanded mineral processing plant to reach a feed capacity of 4.6 million tonnes per annum.

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