GAC: A responsible partner in Guinea

GAC: A responsible partner in Guinea

Helping to unlock Guinea’s potential through sustainable development and good corporate citizenship.


The Republic of Guinea is home to over 50 percent of the world’s reserves of bauxite, the principal aluminium ore, but only accounts for 7 percent of global production and 20 percent of the global export markets.

Sustainable development of the industry and any related infrastructure will be central to the nation’s future economic growth.

For emerging industry player Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA), jointly owned by Mubadala and the Investment Corporation of Dubai, access to the core materials of the smelting process through companies such as Guinea Alumina Corporation (GAC) is a critical component of the business’s long-term success.

Working in partnership with Guinean stakeholders, GAC is working to achieve these compatible and mutually beneficial goals, built on the foundations of Mubadala’s commitment to good corporate citizenship and social development.