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Exploring social impact

Exploring social impact

Every company has a story about its beginnings and the elements that shaped it.

What happens when a company is created to help fulfill a nation’s vision for its future? 

The answer is Mubadala.

To meet our mandate, we work to deliver both financial and social returns that advance the emirate’s development over the long term. 


Talking about financial returns is straightforward. We contribute to GDP by establishing new industrial sectors and actively managing a diversified global investment portfolio.


Capturing social impact is more challenging.


There are important metrics such as job creation and the development of crucial infrastructure, from university campuses and healthcare facilities to urban hubs. 


There are initiatives in the places where we operate around the world that make a positive contribution to communities and strengthen important partnerships.


Then there are the human stories behind these metrics and programs: 


Women working in industrial roles for the first time


A solar roof that gives a family energy security


A patient getting the best clinical care close to home.


These stories are at the heart of our impact as a company.


They connect us, every day, to our broader purpose: helping to create a strong future for Abu Dhabi.

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World-class healthcare, close to home

A healthy population, supported by a world-class healthcare system, is one of the foundations of the Abu Dhabi Government’s vision for a prosperous society.

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For over a decade, our partnership with Mubadala has allowed us to bring our best-in-class diabetes care and research legacy and expertise to the region.

Mubadala’s healthcare network
World-class healthcare close to home
Marwa Al Hosani
Mubadala Documentaries

Mubadala Documentaries

Watch our award-winning documentaries.

Weyana, Mubadala’s Youth Platform

Weyana, Mubadala’s Youth Platform

Weyana is a key youth engagement platform, offering a single interface for young Emiratis to discover and explore a series of Mubadala Group-wide events, interesting content and potential career development opportunities.